I have read and agree with the terms and conditions


1. General
The terms and conditions apply on all of Kannai BV sales, delivery and payment activities. when you make a purchase you agree and accept the terms and conditions. Kannai BV reserves at all times, the right to modify these terms and conditions. 

2. Agreement
2.1 An agreement is established after a confirmation by the customer is done at one of our showrooms or through our website
2.2 An exception to Article 2.1 of the agreement is when it appears that a direct payment is unsuccessful performed or interrupted by the customer and therefore no transaction have taken place. 

3. Prices and Payment
The prices are quoted in euro's, excluding VAT and shipping costs. Payments must be paid immediately after ordering. 

4. Delivery
4.1 After the payment of your order is received, your order will be shipped to you within 1 to max 5 working days. In most cases this will be the same business day the order is placed and paid, with the exception of Holidays and the weekend. With banktransfers we will ship your order on the business day that the payment of your order is received on the account of Kannai BV. In the showrooms you can take the products directly after payment. 
4.2 If an item is no longer possible to deliver, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. In consultation, the excess amount, will be returned to the account of the customer. 

5. Shipping
5.1 All items are inspected for damage and defects before they are shipped. 
5.2 We will primarily use GLS for our shipments. The delivery address given by the customer during the order process will be used. 
5.3 Kannai BV cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of your order. Kannai BV cannot be held responsible for delays in your order or the consequences thereof. 

6. Cancellation
Involving direct payment methods, cancellation is not possible. 

7. Exchange & Return policy
7.1 You cannot exchange/return your order, except for manufacturing defects. Products with color fading cannot be returned / exchanged. Discounted items and items purchased in the sale may also not be exchanged or returned.
7.2 You shall notify Kannai B.V. by e-mail within 48 hours after receiving your order when a manufacturing defect is stated. Include your invoice number, a photo of the defect and item number in your e-mail. You can send this information to the following email address: klantenservice@kannai.nl
7.3 After receiving this e-mail and agreeing it is a manufacturing defect, Kannai BV will pay back the purchase price within 5 business days.
8. Warranty
The customer shall check the items at the time of receiving or at least within 48 hours, the quality and the quantity of the delivered goods, comply with what was agreed. If this is not apparent, the customer must contact us within 48 hours by our contact form on our website: www.kannai.nl or through e-mail at klantenservice@kannai.nl - please include your invoice number and item number.
Kannai BV can not comply with the warranty period if no mention is made through the contact form or through e-mail. Kannai BV cannot comply with the warranty if you or others have made changes or attempted to alter the product or have used for purposes for which it was not intended. 

On losing semi-precious stones / beads there is no guarantee. You can request for a spare stone/bead, if available. 

9 Applicable law
In the agreement, including these General Conditions and to any further agreements resulting there from, Dutch law is applicable. 

10. Personal
Your personal data will be incorporated into the customer base of Kannai BV. This information will not be provided to third parties and will only be used to send your purchases made at Kannai BV.